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Video Analysis Field Hockey

Almost 100 hockey clubs and trainers in Europe already rely on the video analysis software from ATHLYZER, making us the market leader in this segment. You too can improve the performance of your team with tactical, individual and opponent analysis.

Trusted by many Field Hockey Clubs

Compared to other sports, video recordings as well as technical and tactical analyzes in hockey have long been part of the standard repertoire of all successful hockey teams. ATHLYZER is the first video analysis tool that incorporates the expertise of academics who were themselves active athletes and coaches in hockey.

Be faster in analysis and save time

It doesn't matter whether you hold a video conference in a meeting room, show a player a scene directly on the seat with a tablet or want to share a few sequences of an analysis via smartphone on the way home. Work with a laptop, tablet or smartphone - depending on the task and environment. Be faster and more flexible by:
1. tag game scenes live, tag players
2. insert comments,
3. cut sequences without an additional editing program,
4. share relevant scenes immediately after the game or during the quarter or half-time break.

The software adapts to your needs

With our schema editor you can design your tagging panel as individually as possible or simply use one of our pre-designed templates. The number of your scheme templates is unlimited, you can customize them for your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Or you can also assign individual keys if you prefer to work with the keyboard.

Combine video and digital tactics board in your presentation

Prepare your drawings before the meeting with the team. In addition, use the digital board integrated in the software to clarify tactical variants, e.g. the structure in build-up and defensive play or in the power play. This means that you can fully concentrate on your analysis in the meeting and are not busy with the drawing.

Improve the performance of your team with tactical, individual and opponent analysis

With ATHLYZER you get an all-in-one video platform for your club. Analyze the effectiveness of the circle entries, the penalty corners - offensive and defensive, the power play, the causes of ball losses at give & go or the lane change behavior in the individual analysis.

Start your free trial now

Video analytics don't lie! With ATHLYZER you can reach your players faster and better. Support your coaching arguments with objective video scenes. Getting started is very easy, we have integrated an assistant into the software that guides you step by step through the analysis process. You will also find ready-made demo analyzes and detailed help. Convince yourself.

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