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Coach your team with video analysis

Improve your team's performance with tactical, individual, and opponent analysis.

Why and when is video analysis beneficial?

Video analysis is highly valued as a performance enhancement tool, even outside of professional sports. It offers:

  • Targeted visual support
  • Tactic, technique, and opponent analysis
  • Objective assessment of performance
  • Visual feedback for athletes

With significant advancements in technology, the camera integrated into your smartphone is likely more than sufficient for a quick start into systematic analysis.

What makes a good video analysis?

In general, it can be challenging to determine the tactical performance level of individual players or a team through isolated tests outside of competition or games. Video analysis is therefore a valuable tool to assess the performance of your athletes/teams and improve them in a cyclical manner. The same principle applies to understanding the tactical abilities of the next opponent in order to better prepare for them.

Video analysis increases objectivity and reduces complexity

Recognizing and evaluating situations correctly in real-time can be difficult. Complex situations, with the involvement of multiple players, distance from the game, the speed of the gameplay, and the need to focus on other tasks, pose significant challenges for any coach. With ATHLYZER, you can master these situations and automatically become an even better coach.

All-in-one platform for video analysis

We cover all the functions you need for easy and fast video analysis. From recording a game to discussing and sharing it with your athletes.


Your workspace for video analysis - private or shared.


The core of the software. Tag game scenes and get the most out of them.

Live Tagging

Analyze during the game itself.


Visualize tactical situations to present them in presentations.


Create cross-game playlists, such as a "Best-of..." compilation.


Set up a team feed to share scenes with your team or players.

Automated Playlists

While tagging, scenes are automatically saved in one or more playlists.


Thanks to the available templates, you can start the analysis faster or create custom schemas.

How to convince other decision-makers in your club

Are you already convinced that systematic video analysis has a positive impact on the athletes you coach? Use these arguments to persuade other decision-makers in your club:

Take your coaching to a new level

With your registration, you can try out the software extensively in a 30-day trial period.

More Info about Sports

Looking for sport-specific information?

We have created some application examples specifically tailored to the sports of football, ice hockey, and field hockey, providing sport-specific insights for video analysis.


For ambitious coaches and teams - professional-level video analysis even in grassroots sports.

Ice Hockey

The fastest team sport in the world deserves the fastest analysis.

Field hockey

Already 100 hockey clubs and coaches are using ATHLYZER for video analysis - become part of this successful community.