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Video Analysis Basketball

Basketball is a unique game that requires a combination of strength, speed, coordination, and tactics. The dynamics of the game, the fast-paced plays, and, not least, the spectacular dunks make it a breathtaking spectacle. Athlyzer offers coaches and players comprehensive analysis capabilities to systematically improve team performance through tactics, individual analysis, and opponent analysis.

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How are rebounds won and defended?

As a dedicated coach, your goal is to improve the performance level of your team or individual players. Here are some key aspects that form the basis for game analysis in basketball:

  1. Ball movement: How is the ball moved by the team, and how effective is the distribution of play?
  2. Offensive situations: How are attacks initiated and executed?
  3. Defense: How is the defense structured, and how are opponents stopped?
  4. Rebounding: How are rebounds won and defended? Who demonstrates a strong presence under the basket?
  5. Free throws: How are free throws executed, and how successful are they?
  6. Advantage situations: How are advantage situations utilized, and how successful are they?

Customize the software to fit your needs

With our schema editor, you can personalize your tagging panel to the fullest extent possible. The number of your schema templates is unlimited, and pre- and post-roll times are variable and can be ended with a simple keystroke.

Be faster in analysis and save time by:

  1. Tagging game scenes live,
  2. Marking players,
  3. Adding comments,
  4. Cutting sequences without the need for additional editing software,
  5. Sharing relevant scenes instantly, for example, during halftime.

Combine video and tactical board in your presentation

Prepare your drawings before the team meeting. Additionally, utilize the integrated board in the software to illustrate tactical variations. This way, you can fully focus on your analysis during the meeting without being occupied with drawing.

Improve your team's performance with tactical, individual, and opponent analysis

With ATHLYZER, you get an all-in-one video platform for your club. The software is designed for teamwork, allowing coaches to collaborate and exchange seamlessly. Thanks to the cloud system, data transfer is fast and efficient, eliminating the need for USB sticks or copying files to the hard drive.

Our app is available on all devices

Whether it's a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you get the same app on all devices. All your data is synchronized in real-time across your devices.


The classic - on your PC, you can conduct your analysis as usual.


Use your tablet on iOS or Android to tag scenes live and share video files.


Utilize your smartphone to watch game scenes on the go or tag them live on the sidelines.

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Video analysis doesn't lie! With ATHLYZER, you can reach your players faster and more effectively. Support your coaching arguments with objective video scenes. Getting started is easy; we have integrated an assistant into the software that guides you step-by-step through the analysis process. Additionally, you'll find ready-made demo analyses and comprehensive help resources. See it for yourself.

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