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Video analysis Handball

Handball is a fast and addicting sport followed by millions of fans around the world. Athlyzer offers coaches and players comprehensive analysis options with which the performance of the team can be systematically increased through tactical, individual and opponent analysis.

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Be faster in analysis and save time:

  1. by tagging game scenes live,
  2. tag players insert comments,
  3. cut sequences without an additional editing program,
  4. share relevant scenes immediately, e.g. during the break.

Adjust the software to your needs

With our schema editor you can design your tagging panel as individually as possible. The number of your scheme templates is unlimited, lead and follow-up times are variable and also end at the push of a button.

Combine video and tactics board in your presentation

Prepare your drawings before the meeting with the team. In addition, use the board integrated in the software to clarify tactical variants. This means that you can fully concentrate on your analysis in the meeting and are not busy with the drawing.

Improve the performance of your team with tactical, individual and opponent analysis.

With ATHLYZER you get an all-in-one video platform for your club.

Suitable for all hardware variants

Our app is available on all devices

It doesn't matter whether it's a PC, tablet or smartphone - you get the same app on all devices. All your data is synchronized between your devices in real time.


The classic - you can carry out your analyzes on the PC as usual.


Use your tablet on iOS or Android to edit live scenes and upload video files.


Use your smartphone to view game scenes on the go or tag live on the sidelines.

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Video analytics don't lie! With ATHLYZER you can reach your players faster and better. Support your coaching arguments with objective video scenes. Getting started is very easy, we have integrated an assistant into the software that guides you step by step through the analysis process. You will also find ready-made demo analyzes and detailed help. Convince yourself.

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