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Video Analysis Soccer

In professional soccer, match analysis with video images is no longer imaginable without it. With ATHLYZER, every ambitious coach - even in amateur sports - can now systematically improve his team with video analysis: in the areas of tactics, technique or individual performance and in opponent analysis.

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Individual soccer video analysis

Set your personal focus in the analysis. Unlike subjective judgments, videos show exactly what happened on the field. You decide which scenes are relevant for you.

Mark scenes by click or keystroke

Design your tagging panel the way you need it or just use our soccer scheme template. The number of your templates is unlimited, you can customize them for laptop, tablet or mobile phone. If you prefer to work with the keyboard, you can assign individual keys for your tagging.

Quick & efficient video analysis

At your desk, on the sidelines or on the road, no matter on which device. ATHLYZER is available to you at any time with all functions for your video analysis in soccer. Even without an internet connection.

Video meets tactics board

Prepare your drawings before the meeting with the team. Additionally use the digital board integrated in the software to clarify tactical variants.

Systematic soccer video analysis

Thanks to cloud synchronization, you can work on an analysis together with another person at any time. No matter where you are. This way, you work optimally together in a team and share the work.

Development of young talent with video analysis

Video analyses are also of great benefit in the promotion of young talent. The coaches at FSV Frankfurt's junior training center (NLZ) film and analyze every game. The match scenes are tagged live, which saves a lot of time and the coaches do not have to go through the match again after the final whistle and have all the relevant match scenes ready for analysis immediately after the final whistle.

Suggestions for a match analysis in soccer

Depending on the goals of your analysis, the schema/tagging panel will be designed. Some important aspects that are usually considered are:

1. Pass accuracy:

  • How accurate are the passes?
  • Which passes work best?

2. Scoring chances:

  • How are scoring chances created?
  • How are scoring chances taken advantage of?

3. Defensive behaviour:

  • How well does the defense work?
  • What is the cause of goals against?

4. Offensive behaviour:

  • How well is the attack integrated into the game?
  • Which attacking methods are successful?

5. Tactics:

  • How is the team's own tactics implemented?
  • How does the opponent act?

6. Individual performance:

  • Where does the player perform well/not so well?
  • Which areas need to be improved?

Start now with video analysis in soccer

Video analysis doesn't lie! With ATHLYZER you can reach your players faster and better. It's easy to get started, we have integrated a wizard into the software that guides you step by step through the analysis process. Convince yourself.

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