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Video analysis in the junior training centre - FSV Frankfurt


A report on the partnership with the FSV Frankfurt junior training centre (NLZ).

FSV Frankfurt and ATHLYZER launched a partnership in 2019 that allows both sides to benefit from each other's expertise with the aim of creating a win-win situation. The FSV Frankfurt youth training centre is a special NLZ, as the first team is currently represented in the regional league and does not train the young players of a first, second or third league team, as is the case in most cases.

Video analysis is an integral part of the training, which is nevertheless of high quality. This area, which is becoming increasingly important, has even been included in the DFL's statutes since this season and is a prerequisite for obtaining a licence for a youth development centre.

In order to meet this requirement with the limited resources and manpower of the NLZ, our software with all its functions is available to every NLZ coach in the performance area.

The clear design of the software, which can be operated intuitively, is intended to make it easier for the coaches to work and process the content of the games. In return, the coaches' input is used directly to collect further ideas for software development and to transfer them directly into the application. True to the company's claim: By coaches, for coaches.

Another of ATHLYZER's claims is fast and personal support. In order to do justice to this in this partnership, one of our employees, Christopher Paschalidis, has been responsible for video and match analysis at the FSV Frankfurt junior training centre since this season. This ensures that all progress and problems with the software are documented as quickly as possible and that ideas and feedback land directly on the desk of our software developers.

In addition, Christopher supports the coaches in their further development in the area of video analysis, so that they are able to independently analyse their training or matches with ATHLYZER. In doing so, the video analysis is linked to the clear goal of every coach: To make their own players better. Because as everyone knows today: you learn best from your own mistakes and with video analysis they can also be viewed a second and third time in peace.

What exactly does the cooperation look like?

Christopher is mainly responsible for the video and match analysis in the performance area (U14-U19).

At the beginning of the season, each coaching team received an individual introduction to the software. Each coach has his own account and can work with it on two devices, regardless of whether he uses a Mac, a Windows PC, Android or iOS devices. This gives them the opportunity to carry out analyses independently.

Each trainer has his or her own individual area with the private library. The contents of this library are synchronised across all of the trainer's devices. There are also shared libraries where a coach and analysis team can work together.

At the same time, the sporting and technical management can view the analyses at any time. The coaches and the analysts can thus easily divide different aspects of the analysis and the management always keeps an overview. In addition, it is an advantage, especially in this day and age, to be able to access and edit the video material at any time and from anywhere.