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Successful in the tournament - thanks to ATHLYZERcoach!


Maximilian Schendel, youth coach* at Münchner SC shares his experience of using ATHLYZERcoach during the tournament phases for the German and South German Youth Championships 2022.

Why video analysis makes the difference, especially during a tournament?

The MSC junior teams were very successful at the 2022 German Youth Championships indoors: all six teams were able to qualify for the German finals - four teams ended up among the top 5 in Germany!

How do you use ATHLYZERcoach during a tournament?

Maxi: It's actually quite simple. With ATHLYZER's fast and easy live tagging and cloud solution, the conditions are ideal. We record the games with our own camera, the co-trainer tags the relevant game situations and immediately after the game we load the video into ATHLYZERcoach and start the analysis. This way, on the championship weekends with the U16s - with up to three games a day - we were able to prepare the first own or opponent analysis shortly after the final whistle. Within a few minutes, the next video review was prepared and we could ideally adjust our team to the upcoming opponent or match.

What is especially important to you when performing video analysis during a tournament?

Maxi: At the Southern German U16 Championships, it developed over the course of the weekend that we focused very strongly on ourselves in the video briefings before the games: 1. on our own play with the ball and 2. our own play against the ball. Thus, the tagged video material of our own game had to be prepared for the next briefing within 15-20 minutes. Thanks to the live tagging during the game on an iPad, the well-positioned video camera and the simple combination of video file and finished edits at ATHLYZER, this was possible without any problems.

What would you recommend to other coaches?

Maxi: Use video analysis also on tournament weekends. The technology is so good and fast that it can give your team an advantage through targeted use. This way, we were able to make the necessary adjustments during the tournament to become Southern German Champions and lay the foundation for 3rd place at the German Championships, which were played 14 days later.

The MSC youth department has so far been able to win numerous South German and German championships and Bavarian championship titles. The MSC promotes both top-level and popular sport - because without a broad base, it is not possible to work at the top level. The systematic use of video analysis also helps: talents are recognised earlier and can be promoted in a more targeted way.

Do you also want to lead your teams to success?

*Short vita: Maximilian Schendel, born in 1995, has been active as a coach at Münchner Sportclub since 2016. Since 2018, the Munich native has been responsible for the male youth sector in the U12, U14 and U16 age groups as head coach as part of his full-time job. In addition, he acts as co-coach in the coaching team of the Bavarian Hockey Association for training sessions and tournaments of the male selection teams. He has been working with Athlyzer since 2018.