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Video analysis software Simple. Efficient. Individual.

Start now with match analysis in soccer, field field hockey, basketball and many other sports.

Trusted by some of the largest clubs

FSV Frankfurt
TUS Koblenz
Deutscher Gehörlosen Sportverband e.V.
ESV München
SC Frankfurt 1880
Eisbären Juniors Berlin

Developed by coaches for coaches

Video Analysis made easy

With our software you can analyze your game, improve and perfect.


Use any device to film your video footage for analysis.


Tag important scenes and create automatic playlists with just a few clicks.


Present your scenes to your team or share them via the cloud.

Easily customizable

Make your work with ATHLYZER as individual as possible. Design your tagging scheme according to your needs.


Your time matters

Prepare playlists in no time. Share them with your team in a presentation or via link.

Work with your fellow coaches

You can share all your content with your colleagues and work on it together in realtime. Continue working across devices and secure your data in the cloud.

“With ATHLYZER, we have managed to introduce our training philosophy across all teams.”

Christopher Paschalidis, Video Analyst FSV Frankfurt

Video analysis is now affordable on every level

Start now with ATHLYZER.

With your registration you can try out the software extensively in a 30-day test phase.

All-in-one platform for video analysis

We cover all the features you need for easy and fast video analysis. From recording a game to reviewing and sharing with your athletes.


Your workspace for video analysis - private or shared.


The core of the software. Tag game scenes and get the maximum out of them.

Live Tagging

Analyze already during the game.


Map tactical situations to display in presentations.


Create cross-game playlists.


Create a team feed to share scenes with your team.


Evaluate your analyses and back them up with statistics.


With the graphical scheme you can tag your scenes by mouse click and touch.

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